Sunday, September 5, 2010

what would your cupcake say??

8 kids+
48 cupcakes+
4 bags of icing+
tons of sprinkles and decorations
= fun!!!

so fun to see this group of cousins and friends (aged 8-16) have so much fun creating their masterpieces and just being


i was fascinated by how their decorating styles reflected their personalities :

miss efficient done before everyone else
miss artistic creating a work of art on each one
miss detail oriented planning out each design
mr science digging out a jacuzzi
mr extrovert piling icing and decorations 2" high
and so on....

you should try it sometime! what would your cupcake say about you??

happy days,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

sweet indulgence

have you tried this??

really we were picking up caramel sauce for "end of summer" sundaes

when I saw this jar of chocolate goodness on the shelf....

now I don't even eat ice-cream (i know, i know, i'm weird)

but CHOCOLATE and I'm there

so I just had to try a liiitttle spoonful

then another...

and now the jar is half done

but it is SO good - even better after a night in the fridge (hidden at the back so no one else finds it)

smooth and decadent - mmm mmmm

so what's your sweet good-bye summer indulgence??

no, i was not paid to advertise this, it really is that good and I'm a homemade sauce kinda gal!

and no, i have not read the label on the back of the jar, not even going there till it's all done!!

happy days,
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