Sunday, September 5, 2010

what would your cupcake say??

8 kids+
48 cupcakes+
4 bags of icing+
tons of sprinkles and decorations
= fun!!!

so fun to see this group of cousins and friends (aged 8-16) have so much fun creating their masterpieces and just being


i was fascinated by how their decorating styles reflected their personalities :

miss efficient done before everyone else
miss artistic creating a work of art on each one
miss detail oriented planning out each design
mr science digging out a jacuzzi
mr extrovert piling icing and decorations 2" high
and so on....

you should try it sometime! what would your cupcake say about you??

happy days,


Blondie's Journal said...

My cupcake would have a big smiley face on it. That's what they do to me!!

Cute, cute post!


sissie said...

My cupcake would be pink with ruffles on top and then I would eat every last bite and even the crumbs. LOL!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh those are the best cupcakes I have ever seen, looks like everything got cleaned up....Bet it was a lot of fun! I would be miss detail!


amtolula said...

Your cupcakes are sweet. Great pictures. Wonderful blog!!!
Hugs Tanja from Germany

Himmelriket said...

Lovely cupcakes...

Rosie said...

Oh My Dear,
I would love to decorate a cupcake...LOTS of SWEET buttercream icing, with a jacuzzi filled with...hmmm...raspberry jam...go easy on the sprinkles.
Have a splendid weekend SWEET ONE

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