Friday, April 26, 2013

~barkcloth and vintage fabrics~

Hello friends,

Well we are enjoying a couple sunny days here in Vancouver, still seeing our fair share of rain but the sunny days, they are just awesome!

 Life just looks a whole lot better when the sun is shining!


Today I wanted to chat with you about barkcloth. 
Have you heard of barkcloth?

 I hadn’t until a couple years ago when I met Ms L and her amazing collection of barkcloth fabrics.

Wikipedia describes barkcloth as “a soft, thick, slightly textured fabric, so named because it has a rough surface like that of tree bark. This barkcloth is usually made of densely woven cotton fibers. Historically, the fabric has been used in home furnishings, such as curtains, drapery, upholstery, and slipcovers. It is often associated with 1940s-through-1960s home fashions.”


Now Ms L has been collecting vintage fabrics forever and when my friend, Colleen of Vintage Home, set up for us to pay her a visit, I was all there!

Piles and piles of barkcloth and other vintage fabrics, all laundered and ironed and neatly folded. 
Ms L purchases barkcloth drapes and painstakingly unpicks them and cuts them into pieces of fabric.

 She told us of one pair of vintage curtains that when unpicked had money sewn into the hemming. 

Wish I knew the story behind that! 
Who sewed it in there? 
What were they saving it for?


Just look at this gorgeous emerald brocade…


I was really along just to take a look, but couldn’t resist and came home with a little stash!

 I plan to make some pillows for my beachy living room, I’ll show you once they’re done!



Tuesday, April 9, 2013

~weathered wood and beachy inspiration~

Hello friends,

Today I’m missing summer and I thought I’d post some inspiration photos from last summer.

These were all taken while we were on vacation on the beautiful Oregon coast.
I hope you enjoy them, especially if you’re also longing for summer days again!

I got to play around with weathered wooden chairs and gorgeous hydrangeas.



Such a pretty colour…


A perfectly weathered fence by the beach.



I just love all the nautical elements down by the ocean.

weathered floats


rusty old crabbing baskets


canoe ride anyone?



Stairway dappled in the sunlight... 


don’t you love the driftwood stair rail?



Hope you enjoyed this little piece of summer!



Thursday, April 4, 2013

~blossoms in a bucket~

~Hello friends~


Well our spring break is truly over and it’s back to early mornings and schedules and work!

We were blessed with an incredibly long warm patch, blue skies and sunshine, and with that the trees all burst into blossom.


Of course I had to bring some of that blossom goodness inside,
 so off we went, clippers in hand.


Sadly I don’t have my own blossom tree, but I had scouted one out on a vacant lot, 
so I cajoled my youngest to come along for the adventure, 
just in case it included climbing fences.

Which it didn’t. 
 I love an adventure:-)


We came home with armfuls of gorgeous spring blooms, and they were pretty white blossoms to boot.

So I plunked them in a big old bucket on my chippy farmhouse table.


And then I clicked away....


Sunshine and spring blossoms, doesn’t get much better than that.


There was enough left to fill up a couple aqua mason jars too, pretty!


So now it is raining again, and it seemed like the perfect time to post some pretty spring pictures.


{Oh yes, and there was a fair bit of this going on around here too!}


Hope you’re seeing some signs of spring where you live too!


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Monday, April 1, 2013

~raggy bunting love and how to~

Hello friends,


I have been busting to show you my raggy bunting, 
you might have seen a peek over on my fb page here or my instagram {raggygirlvintage}.

I have to warn you, it is highly addictive.

 And it will leave threads all over the sofa.
 And you!!

I have been in love with bunting forever, I showed you some mini white bunting here…


I also love to make it in ticking and vintage florals. 

Hanging bunting gives that yummy vintage, handmade feel.

I wanted to make a less formal raggy bunting, 
I’ve seen similar bunting inspiration floating around.
 Anthropologie even has a version too.

This bunting is hot right now at weddings and baby showers. 
It makes an awesome backdrop for photoshoots, across an arbour, or tied across the front of a table.


To start I pulled out my stash of aqua and white sheets. 

It’s super easy peeps.

 Just rip strips of varying lengths, mine were probably 1.5”-2” wide.
 Then tie them along a length of sturdy twine.
 Make sure you use tidy knots so the strips hang downwards.


I made mine 3 feet long plus extra twine for hanging, and it took me around 2 hours to make.

I have it draped over one of my doors here.


Can we say LURVE…..

I just couldn’t stop!!

Next up I knew I wanted ~all white, lacy, ethereal, romantic~

 So this time I ripped up white muslin and pulled out my stash of vintage lace.


My, did this ever use a ton of lace.


Lace is just soooo pretty.


This bunting has headed over to The Passionate Home ready for spring and summer weddings. 

It is so pretty but there is only so much bunting one can hang with 3 guys in the house!


Now I realise this may not be everyone’s taste, but it’s a fun and simple way to add a whimsical touch to your next special event, or to your home decor just because Smile

Next up vintage linens…just gotta make that first rip, I find it really hard to rip up vintage linens, how silly is that!

A couple of my instagram gals have already been inspired to make their own version, why not give it a go??




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