Thursday, June 30, 2011

~my two cents on chalk paint~

well peeps my long-awaited package of chalk paint arrived

let me tell you i was in that van so fast to pick them up, just couldn't wait to get started...

{by the way, did you know "fragile" actually means "turn me upside down and toss me around"
especially if it also says "this side up"!!}

now of course they arrived smack-bang in crazy week

but i did get to try them out just a little...
{who needs sleep after all}

i totally love the "provence" the color is so rich and just way nicer in real life than it looks in color swatches

i used it here on this tray

i found a foamie applied best on this surface, but foamies do absorb a lot of paint

so what do i think?

well, the jury is still out for me on chalk paint

i do love how it looks, but it took quite some coats to get good coverage

i look forward to seeing how it performs on a larger piece of furniture

but i totally love the look once the wax is on

i sanded this tray then waxed it and gave it a light buff
(you're supposed to wax, sand, wax again but this worked for me)

it sure showed up the color and detailing beautifully, and gives a little protective finish

i used "old white" to paint this chalkboard frame, which had been giving me trouble with the spray paint bubbling {first sanded off the bubbles}

i applied the paint with a brush this time

the chalk paint gives a great authenic vintage look

so i'll announce my final verdict once i've had a chance to try it out on a larger project

for now i'm really liking it, especially with the wax finish, but it's gonna have to wow me to warrant the price tag for future projects!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~hen and chicks and vintage silverware~

take a peek at some of the silver sugar and creamers I put together for the market

i love the unique shapes of the sugar bowls and creamers

the tarnished patina

stuffed them with dried moss

and tucked in some hen and chicks

~silverware on the front porch~

well, why not!!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

~check. check. check.~

* finished up work for the summer


* got the kids through the last week of school stuff


* had fun at the Ivory Vintage Market


wait, did i just say vintage market?

floursack dishtowels and french pillows

that's right, a fantabulous day

yummy vintage kitchenware and chippy window frames

got to take a couple of quick shots as the door opened, here's a peek at some of my goodies...

~"provence" tray (chalk paint and wax - love this color)~
my first peonies

and my favorite part of the day?

~meeting up with my bloggy friends of course~

~love the shabby detailing on this tray~
{yes, i had a hard time parting with this one but i know it's new owner truly loves it!}

like Janis of Rust and Ruffles 
Barbara of Hodgepodge
Lady Pamela of Lady Pamela's Cottage
and what a treat to finally meet Tracey of Tracey Ayton Photography
all these Traceys in my life!

~hen and chicks in vintage silver sugar and creamers~

Wendy M thanks for stopping by, other Wendy thanks for saying hi
(wow, all these Wendys in my life too, my Mom is also Wendy!)
my good friend Sari who was also a vendor at the market
(hope I didn't forget anyone...)

~starfish, a hot seller~

and of course my wonderful Mom and Dad who always support me in all my crazy ventures, help out with the kids and bring me a Starbucks on market day!
thanks Mom and Dad, you're the best cheerleaders a gal could hope for:-)

~vintage zinc caddy~

now on to summer

oh, just one last thing

*noticed the house is a BIG mess




p.s. big thanks to mr. keeper and my two awesome boys for getting up super early to help me unload

Friday, June 24, 2011

~from flop to pop~french farmstyle pillow

sometimes it's the oops in sewing that have the most potential

and yes i know

~measure twice - cut once~

blah, blah, blah

i do, really, i'm a perfectionist when it comes to sewing, especially items i plan to offer for sale

but still i can't tell you how many times i've sewn pillows together with one of the backing panels reversed....

usually late at night

so what to do when i cut a panel too small?

and not just any panel

let me tell you, these transfers take a lot of time and elbow grease

well, how about overlay it on a red ticking background

fray the edges a little

love it!!
perfect for a french country home

flop to pop

get it:-)

(tell me i'm not the only one!)

and here's how one customer put it all together, doesn't it look so wonderfully french country

{Tammy purchased my chanticleer rooster pillow from The Passionate Home in Langley, where Carrie carries a selection of my pillows and products}
~don't forget to come visit at the market tomorrow~




Tuesday, June 21, 2011

~ivory vintage market comin' right up~

coming up fast now....

come on out for a visit if you live close enough

~you won't be disappointed~

Saturday June 25th



Elgin Hall

14250 Crescent Road
Surrey, BC

I'll be there with lots more goodies

vintage and handmade

see ya there!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

~father's day blessing~

usually i head straight for the humorous cards for father's day, but this year i found this perfectly worded card

~He is dedicated to providing for the needs of his family~

~He seeks wisdom and shares it with those around him~

~He realises the influence he has and strives to lead by example~

~He demonstrates the strength of his faith and devotion~

~He admits his failures and asks for forgiveness when needed~

~He shows compassion and unconditional love at all times~

As a father who is faithful in nurturing and caring for his family day by day

May you experience much joy and blessing as you celebrate Father's Day

Have a fab day,

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~plum worn out~

i've got to tell you peeps

june has me plum worn out

vintage linens

all the extra end of year stuff with the kids

and then our Vancouver Canucks hockey team went and made it to the finals!!

(go Canucks!)

which means lots of cheering and viewing and burnt burgers 'cos no one can leave the game to watch them!

vintage pillowslips in the breeze

~i am counting the days till summer break~

and hopefully the sun we haven't seen too much of yet

summer strawberries

but i am thankful for the breath of fresh air a visit to your blogs is to me at the end of a long day

always inspiring as i catch a glimpse of your lives and projects

i appreciate you and am looking forward to spending more time with you all in the summer:-)

oh yes, and I am super excited to receive my chalk paint order from
 Robyn Story Designs and Boutique
 can't wait!!

Robyn is still generously offering free shipping, yup, FREE SHIPPING
go check it out!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

~chalk paint giveaways and free shipping~

hello peeps!

trying to get your hands on Annie Sloan's chalk paint?

i sure have been trying, we can't get it up here in Canada YET...

so i have to tell you about this sweet deal

Robyn Story Designs and Boutique are offering for a limited time


on chalk paint orders from their online store


they also have a great giveaway going on, but i'm gonna win that so don't even bother!!

here's what it includes:

you'll also find a great start-up chalk paint giveaway at Blue Creek Home

okay, i'll let you enter that one:-)

oh alright, here's one more from Molly Susan Strong

hop on over to see what these generous ladies have on offer!


Friday, June 10, 2011

~blogger gremlins~

well peeps, i have been reading your sweet posts

and i know some of you have been reading mine

but blogger gremlins are not allowing us to leave comments, grrr

and i am so NOT anonymous!!

i know, it's super frustrating 'cos we all have a lot to do in a day!

here's some advice from Rochester girl (thanks Cristina!)

i tried the first piece of advice and it did work

#1. when you log in with your username and password, uncheck the "stay signed in" box

#2. in your settings, change from "embedded comments" to "pop up box"

so it seems i am able to comment on some blogs again

but if i don't respond to your comment, you know why....

thanks for understanding, and here's hoping things are back to working soon:-)


PS. i had more photos for you but blogger is rotating all those today too!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

~vintage florals, striped ticking and yummy french lavender~

can you think of a sweeter combination?

paired up vintage floral with blue ticking

and stuffed them full of yummy french lavender

tied together with pretty seam binding ribbon

they smell soooo good!

linking up to air your laundry friday
at freckled laundry

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