Thursday, June 30, 2011

~my two cents on chalk paint~

well peeps my long-awaited package of chalk paint arrived

let me tell you i was in that van so fast to pick them up, just couldn't wait to get started...

{by the way, did you know "fragile" actually means "turn me upside down and toss me around"
especially if it also says "this side up"!!}

now of course they arrived smack-bang in crazy week

but i did get to try them out just a little...
{who needs sleep after all}

i totally love the "provence" the color is so rich and just way nicer in real life than it looks in color swatches

i used it here on this tray

i found a foamie applied best on this surface, but foamies do absorb a lot of paint

so what do i think?

well, the jury is still out for me on chalk paint

i do love how it looks, but it took quite some coats to get good coverage

i look forward to seeing how it performs on a larger piece of furniture

but i totally love the look once the wax is on

i sanded this tray then waxed it and gave it a light buff
(you're supposed to wax, sand, wax again but this worked for me)

it sure showed up the color and detailing beautifully, and gives a little protective finish

i used "old white" to paint this chalkboard frame, which had been giving me trouble with the spray paint bubbling {first sanded off the bubbles}

i applied the paint with a brush this time

the chalk paint gives a great authenic vintage look

so i'll announce my final verdict once i've had a chance to try it out on a larger project

for now i'm really liking it, especially with the wax finish, but it's gonna have to wow me to warrant the price tag for future projects!



Victoria said...

I have not yet tried this paint, the price is just way too high for me. I know many in blogland are loving it though!

Lindalou said...

I love the blue color. Really compliments the tray.

Do you mind if I ask how much paint you bought. Those boxes sure look big. Can't wait to see your other projects.

raggygirlvintage said...

Hi Lindalou,

I bought the paint in 3 colors (old white, provence and paris grey) and a tin of the clear wax. The boxes do look big, especially in the photo. The paint was actually packed in a smaller box inside the big box with foam chips inbetween, which was just as well as the fragile sticker didn't seem to mean much as I mentioned in my post!! I appreciate how well packaged it was!
I decided to order the 3 colors I wanted to use as the paint is not available in Canada yet, and the stockist I ordered from was offering free shipping so it made sense to order it all together.
Have you tried it yet?

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I just got mine the other day and I am so excited to use it myself.I got the old white and the Paris Grey and would also like to buy the provence and red.They look great! Have fun~Cheers Kim

barbara@hodge:podge said...

I found out the paint is available in Canada now, I can't remember who told me, oh yes, Bluebird Notes {the blog} has a supplier in Ontario.
Can't wait to hear your verdict on the paint!

raggygirlvintage said...

Thanks for the info Barbara, I have considered becoming a stockist up here, but the shipping costs hold me back, I'm not sure it would be viable for that reason, although I'm sure there would be demand for the paint.
Hope you had a great Canada Day!

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I have been wanting to try the chalk paint but the added cost of the shipping is what hold me back from trying it. Who did you order from that had free shipping? That might just get me to try it. Love that color too!

raggygirlvintage said...

Hi Anita,

I ordered my paint from Robyn Story Designs. They no longer have free shipping, however I notice their prices came down when the free shipping ended so I guess the shipping was built into their prices and it wasn't really free shipping after all! I was happy with how quickly they shipped, and the paint was well packaged.
If you click on this link it gives you a list of all the stockists in North America and you can find who is closest to you.

I'm looking forward to working on some other projects with it.


southernscraps said...

I have never tried this paint, but your projects look wonderful.

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I keep hearing about this "chalk paint". Is is paint that actually has chalk in it or can you write on it like a chalk board? I'm interested to see how you like it on larger furniture. The tray looks amazing and so does the chalk board!


saltbox treasures said...

Thanks for the review. Haven't purchased any of it yet.
~ Julie

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