Saturday, January 29, 2011

~ vancouver blogger and love stampington publications??~

hello vancouver bloggers!!

if you live in beautiful vancouver, canada, you will know it can be quite a challenge to get your hands on stampington publications

but it is so worth the hunt, i am always inspired by the creativity and beautiful photos showcased in each issue

so i thought i would share where i have been able to find some of their mags

and if you know of other sources, you can add them in the comments, and i'll  update this post

so here goes........

~Chapters - get quite a selection of different mags in, but only one or two copies of each, so it's hit and miss. i have asked repeatedly why they don't carry more, but am told they stock what they are sent by their supplier. i have seen Somerset Life, Artful Blogging, Digital Media and various scrapbooking and mixed media publications there.

~Wendels in Fort Langley, i've seen Somerset Life there, they have a fair selection of international magazines and you get to have coffee at the same time in a quaint village!

~there's a scrapbooking store in surrey, on 176 St right next to Essential Packaging, but I can 't for the life of me remember what it is called. anyway they have recently started stocking Somerset Life again. anyone help me out with the name of the store??

~ if you ever shop south of the border, Joanns in Bellingham stock several of the publications. they usually have 10% off their magazines, so you can no longer use a coupon, but they usually have a fair number of copies of each

~Barnes and Noble, also in Bellingham, have the best selection I have come across, including Where Women Create, Where Women cook, Apronology and they also seem to have multiple copies

 Costco is going to be carrying some Stampington publications, yay!! However, i don't know if that applies to Canada or just the US, i haven't seen any in our local Costco. i did see Where Women Create in the Bellingham Costco this past week. Best thing about Costco : cover price $15.99  Costco price $10.49. big saving.

~finally, there is always the option of subscribing, which i have done this past year for Somerset Life, it is no more expensive than buying them off the shelf, even with shipping. however, my issue often does not arrive until a good two weeks after i may have seen it on a store shelf, and i hate having to wait that long...

so, Vancouverites, let us know where you find your publications!! i am out in the valley so i'm sure there are more places, these are just the ones i know about

what are your favorite Stampington mags to buy? and why?

how do you like to read them? flip through? savor with a cup of coffee?

i saw this one for the first time this week, how adorable is that!!

didn't buy it yet but i got to browse in the store:-)

happy shopping!!


all photos courtesy of Stampington

Thursday, January 27, 2011

~shabby french and dreamy white~

well i promised to show you my favorite little shabby french pillow

and then poof!

just like that another week zipped by

so here it is...

french stamping on coffee-dyed fabric 

tulle and shabby ribbon

 and then a sweet customer asked me to make it in white...

so here it is in dreamy white

 wouldn't it make a sweet little ring cushion!

linking up to French Cupboard's Handmade Valentine Party


Friday, January 21, 2011

~a little more ooh-la-la~

i thought you might like a peek at a few more....


i have some french runners to show you soon, as well as my favorite little shabby french romantic pillow...

linking up to sundae scoop at I heart naptime


Sunday, January 16, 2011

~take a peek~

take a peek at what i've been up to...

mmm, paris...

 tulle and seam binding...

lots of ruffley love...

and ticking...

it's my spring line, but i just couldn't wait (not much of a winter gal)

you can see more here


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


finally it's our turn

we got our snow day! yay!

we rarely get a snow day here up north as it always rains and rains right after the snow

but today....

today i woke to that perfect stillness and brightness streaming through the windows

wish i could tell you i rushed out with my camera

but truth be told i am STILL in my pjs

(i did send the boys out to shovel though, being a responsible citizen and all)

so take a look at Sherri's post here, she actually got up and out with her camera!


 a day of ~fluffing~

(don't you love this ruffly bedskirt)


~a little sewing perhaps~

and maybe even some ~baking~
(i know, this preoccupation with food has to stop!)

but wouldn't you like to bake in a kitchen like this!

or at least sit and gaze at it over your cup of coffee vanilla rooibos tea

oh, hold on, just remembered, i have three kids home

*reality check*

i really WAS dreaming!!

ok, let's just start with a shower.....

happy snowy day!

(photo sources unknown - google)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~ever had a blond moment?~

please say you have

even if you are not blond

first i can't find those adorable skates

then i had my eye on this pillow cover at restoration hardware

the one at the very front

isn't it charming and vintage looking and well, french

then it went on sale, big time sale

but i don't BUY pillow covers, i MAKE them

so i held back

just kept looking at it online every day

then Sissie goes and posts about the very same pillow here

and that did it

if she could buy it (and she makes the most gorgeous pillows)

then i was gonna splurge and get it too

so i did

BUT somehow in the whole process of entering my life details online

i missed that i had ordered THE WRONG PILLOW!!!!!!

(the plain one at the very back)


horror of horrors

big blond moment

i emailed...


no response

so i called them

they were ever so helpful and are doing their best to halt the order

but it was being packaged as we spoke (do they have to be so efficient)

anyway, the object of my affection will soon be on it's way, and it is yet to be established if the other pillow will find it's way here too, or will be stopped in time...

so alls well that ends well

if you've just gotta have one too, hop on over to RH, they have an extra 10% off right now too

(or you can wait for my spring line on etsy - coming soon!)


 (yes, I am blond, so no offense intended to my blond blogging friends, i'm sure you never do stuff like this!)

ps. my canadian blogging friends, do you know that RH ships to Canada now, and the shipping cost is not bad...
(and no, I am not on their books!)

Monday, January 10, 2011

~little black skates, where are you?~

little black skates, where are you?

i bought you for 50c last summer at a garage sale

i couldn't leave you sitting there

i knew you would be perfect in my winter decor

but christmas has come and gone

and i still haven't found you....

where are you hiding?


Saturday, January 8, 2011

~dreaming of white tulips~

i know it is way too early to start thinking about spring

but you can't blame a girl for dreaming!

i saw a gorgeous bunch of white tulips yesterday

i really shoulda bought them

they are one of my most favorite things

but for now i'll have to make do with these gorgeous photos

and you can share them too!


Friday, January 7, 2011

~i know, i know, i am bad~

yes i know, i am bad

~very bad~

here all you fabulous gals are posting new year resolutions and i post about decadent mississippi mud cookies

and i got to thinking

i really shouldn't entice you with photos

...and keep all the calories to myself

i found the sweet blog where i got the recipe originally

 it was posted by Robin from All Things Heart and Home

i'm not sure if i should thank her or not.....

and hers look even more delish as they have the yummy mini marshmallows on them

the kids ate all ours here at the hot choc station:

so here's the link to Robin's blog post so you can make them too!
(i double up as the kids eat half the mixture before it gets baked)

and really i did deserve them, it was a crummy week

back to work, back to school, i was sick, sweet 17 was sick

it won't stop raining and pouring

and to top it all someone drove into my van - grrrr

so join me in indulging, won't you please:-)

have a wonderful mississippi mud weekend!


~mud, mud, glorious mud~

that's right ~mud~

~mississippi mud cookies~ to be precise

melt-in-your-mouth, chocolately goodness with chunks of pecan

i don't remember which domestic goddess posted the recipe

but boy are they good!

(yes, of course I always eat my cookies on a vintage bone china plate - don't you!!)

why? you ask

why a post on mississippi mud cookies?

well it's Friday after all, and this week that is worth celebrating!!

so i'm off to put the kettle on.....

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