Saturday, January 29, 2011

~ vancouver blogger and love stampington publications??~

hello vancouver bloggers!!

if you live in beautiful vancouver, canada, you will know it can be quite a challenge to get your hands on stampington publications

but it is so worth the hunt, i am always inspired by the creativity and beautiful photos showcased in each issue

so i thought i would share where i have been able to find some of their mags

and if you know of other sources, you can add them in the comments, and i'll  update this post

so here goes........

~Chapters - get quite a selection of different mags in, but only one or two copies of each, so it's hit and miss. i have asked repeatedly why they don't carry more, but am told they stock what they are sent by their supplier. i have seen Somerset Life, Artful Blogging, Digital Media and various scrapbooking and mixed media publications there.

~Wendels in Fort Langley, i've seen Somerset Life there, they have a fair selection of international magazines and you get to have coffee at the same time in a quaint village!

~there's a scrapbooking store in surrey, on 176 St right next to Essential Packaging, but I can 't for the life of me remember what it is called. anyway they have recently started stocking Somerset Life again. anyone help me out with the name of the store??

~ if you ever shop south of the border, Joanns in Bellingham stock several of the publications. they usually have 10% off their magazines, so you can no longer use a coupon, but they usually have a fair number of copies of each

~Barnes and Noble, also in Bellingham, have the best selection I have come across, including Where Women Create, Where Women cook, Apronology and they also seem to have multiple copies

 Costco is going to be carrying some Stampington publications, yay!! However, i don't know if that applies to Canada or just the US, i haven't seen any in our local Costco. i did see Where Women Create in the Bellingham Costco this past week. Best thing about Costco : cover price $15.99  Costco price $10.49. big saving.

~finally, there is always the option of subscribing, which i have done this past year for Somerset Life, it is no more expensive than buying them off the shelf, even with shipping. however, my issue often does not arrive until a good two weeks after i may have seen it on a store shelf, and i hate having to wait that long...

so, Vancouverites, let us know where you find your publications!! i am out in the valley so i'm sure there are more places, these are just the ones i know about

what are your favorite Stampington mags to buy? and why?

how do you like to read them? flip through? savor with a cup of coffee?

i saw this one for the first time this week, how adorable is that!!

didn't buy it yet but i got to browse in the store:-)

happy shopping!!


all photos courtesy of Stampington


Petite Michelle Louise said...

if you're ever desperate to find a copy, i would be happy to purchase one and mail it to you. let me know! I find them everywhere around here. lucky me!

Blondie's Journal said...

My sister once had a few homemade stamped cards featured in a Stampington magazine...we were so proud of her and she was thrilled. Best of luck finding a copy.


Rosie said...

Oh Tracey,
You have given us a plethora of information...and yes I have subscribed to a few out of desperation, only to find them on the shelf WAY before they arrive at my door... :(
Thanks for the 411 my friend. Have a perfect Rosie

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