Wednesday, January 12, 2011


finally it's our turn

we got our snow day! yay!

we rarely get a snow day here up north as it always rains and rains right after the snow

but today....

today i woke to that perfect stillness and brightness streaming through the windows

wish i could tell you i rushed out with my camera

but truth be told i am STILL in my pjs

(i did send the boys out to shovel though, being a responsible citizen and all)

so take a look at Sherri's post here, she actually got up and out with her camera!


 a day of ~fluffing~

(don't you love this ruffly bedskirt)


~a little sewing perhaps~

and maybe even some ~baking~
(i know, this preoccupation with food has to stop!)

but wouldn't you like to bake in a kitchen like this!

or at least sit and gaze at it over your cup of coffee vanilla rooibos tea

oh, hold on, just remembered, i have three kids home

*reality check*

i really WAS dreaming!!

ok, let's just start with a shower.....

happy snowy day!

(photo sources unknown - google)


Lindalou said...

Congrats on the snow day. Always fun to spend most of the day in your pjs. Love the picturers especially that frilly bed.

Good luck on getting that shower in.


Glad the snow came your way, it appears all states except Florida has gotten far..........Love your dream kitchen, I would bake for everyone if it were mine......HUGS MARY......PS I would love to find that bed ruffle at the good will.

Here On Crow Creek said...

Hey Tracey!Enjoy your snow day! I have had 3 so far and no school tomorrow either. My teenagers are driving me nuts but in a good way. I am happy they have been home this week but sad to say there wont be a spring break for them.

McCarthy Designs said...

It would be so lovely to be able to just st and enjoythe snow Tracey! Or curl up in that gorgeous bed with the ruffled bed skirt. Enjoy your day! xx

Rosie said...

Well Happy S*N*O*W day right back at ya!
It was sooo much fun. I woke up to this white wonderment, slipped on my boots, trudged down to the shop, slapped a "Snow Day" sign on the door
....and did a HAPPY DANCE in the middle of the floor...I think YIPPEEEEE, might have even been's all such a blur...:) ....giggle...xoxo...Rosie

Sherri said...

Tracey...thanks for shout out about my blog...much appreciated and beautiful post as usual

Barbara Jean said...

cute post. LOVE the kitchen.


barbara jean

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