Monday, January 10, 2011

~little black skates, where are you?~

little black skates, where are you?

i bought you for 50c last summer at a garage sale

i couldn't leave you sitting there

i knew you would be perfect in my winter decor

but christmas has come and gone

and i still haven't found you....

where are you hiding?



Here On Crow Creek said...

Dont that just erk ya when you cant find something! They are sooo cute and I hope you find them soon. I loose things all the time and even sometimes I hide stuff from hubby then later end up forgetting were I hid it..crazy huh?

JunqueMagnet said...

You mean I am not the only person to whom this happens?I'm currently trying to find the rest of the heart shaped cake pans I thrifted all last year for Valentine's Day projects.So far I've only unearthed three of them!

Sherri said...

Oh my, I know how you feel..I spent two days at Christmas looking for 10 framed annual Christmas pixs of the Grandkids.I was heart sick when I couldn't find them....then the last place I looked was under the bed and remembered I had put them there so I would remember where they were...go figure. Have a Happy Day the skates will show up!!

Barbara Jean said...

OH SO FRUSTRATING! I have a card full of vintage lingerie lace I have stored safely also. Just do not know where.


barbara jean

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