Friday, January 7, 2011

~i know, i know, i am bad~

yes i know, i am bad

~very bad~

here all you fabulous gals are posting new year resolutions and i post about decadent mississippi mud cookies

and i got to thinking

i really shouldn't entice you with photos

...and keep all the calories to myself

i found the sweet blog where i got the recipe originally

 it was posted by Robin from All Things Heart and Home

i'm not sure if i should thank her or not.....

and hers look even more delish as they have the yummy mini marshmallows on them

the kids ate all ours here at the hot choc station:

so here's the link to Robin's blog post so you can make them too!
(i double up as the kids eat half the mixture before it gets baked)

and really i did deserve them, it was a crummy week

back to work, back to school, i was sick, sweet 17 was sick

it won't stop raining and pouring

and to top it all someone drove into my van - grrrr

so join me in indulging, won't you please:-)

have a wonderful mississippi mud weekend!



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