Tuesday, February 8, 2011

~little brown bottle~

do you ever buy things just for the container?

that's how it was with this beauty

love at first sight i tell ya!

i don't even particularly LIKE brown

but i love how vintagey this brown glass bottle looks

and i know i'll continue to use it when it's done

wouldn't it make an awesome vase

the soap smells pretty good too - papaya and ginseng

now in my fantasy this sits in the guest bathroom with sunlight gleaming through...

in reality it is streaked with soap and fingerprints...

but here, here it has it's own moment

(how do you like my little sheep, you didn't know i used to be a primitive gal, now did ya)

don't you just love the variety of soaps we can get nowadays

i do like bath and body works, but we're taking a break from the anti-bacterials for a while
just as little too harsh on the skin during our cold winter

and it's kinda fun to search out these one of a kinds

(do you US gals have ANY idea how we Canadian gals support your economy!!)

anyway, back to reality, gotta put the soap back where it belongs!!



**Anne** said...

The brown bottle is lovely as a soap dispenser and the labels make it even more attractive.
I prefer to use a pure soap to wash my body and hands. I've heard some not so nice things about the overuse of anti-bacterial soaps and wipes. You might like to have a look at this link for some interesting information, especially in regard to our kids. http://healthierprograms.com/?p=3905
Have a lovely day and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your lovely bottle when the soap is finished.
Anne xx

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Beautiful find. I could see the bottle sitting in a window when it's empty. Then you'll be sure to catch the rays and keep it out of fingers way...Carol

saltbox treasures said...

Your bottle is lovely. Yes, I have bought a soap bottle for the bottle (and the soap fragrance was not good lol), but now it is empty and refilled :).
Regarding my chandeliers, in the US, we have an online selling site called craigslist which is very popular in some cities. Ours happens to be very big, and people list items from antiques to gift cards. We have purchased many items; you just call or email the person and go pay and pick it up. We bought our large dining chandelier from craigslist; they were removing all the vintage lighting from the house . . . . my lucky day ~ we also bought the wall sconces and put them in my bathroom. Our other chandeliers we purchased from ebay at really great prices. I have bought lots of old lighting from ebay.
Hope you have a great day!
Thanks for visiting. I love your blog!
~ Julie
p.s. sorry this is long . . . I probably should have just sent an email :)

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