Thursday, March 28, 2013

~Vintage bottles, jars and flowers ~ easy floral display~

Hello friends,

Don’t you just love all the inspiration we glean from each other?

I first saw this idea over on a beach cottage blog (awesome blog if you don’t already follow) and knew with my endless supply of glass bottles I just had to try it!


I used freesias, probably not the best choice for this project, but they sure smelled good! 

Any flowers will do really.


All I did was pick out a bunch of random glass jars and bottles in a variety of sizes and stick blooms in them, then dumped arranged them in my big wooden crate tray in the living room.

 I loved it so much I found myself slipping in there just to sit and stare for a few minutes.

 Yes, I am very visual!!


Of course I had to throw an aqua mason jar into the mix!


So if you’re looking for a



*effective floral display or centrepiece

…give it a try!

So looking forward to doing this outside once it is warm enough.

Thank you for all your kind comments and emails about my previous post, I treasure each one of you and I have been touched by your kindness!

One thing I know peeps, for many of us our blog is our happy place, a place we come to forget the challenges of daily life, a place we protect. It is that for me too. But let's not forget that behind each smile is a circumstance, and let's continue to offer kindness to our fellow bloggers.


PS. Next week I'll be sharing my raggy bunting how-to



Jonell said...

Lady I have to say YOU have fantastic taste..That's my kind of thing. I always have on hand a stash of unique vintage-antique bottles[sometimes new ones] more often than not I add either herbs or what I call "weed flowers"'s a no brainer isn't it. I hope you don't mind having your creativity compared with a "Gramma" like me ; I follow-visit when you can.

Like Gramma's House

Ann said...

Those bottles and tray and flowers are so lovely.
Your images are dreamy.
love this post ♥

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