Thursday, April 24, 2014

~grandma’s vintage dress repurposed~

hello friends,

Today I’m going to show you how you can repurpose beautiful vintage fabric into pretty and functional home decor and gift items!

Here’s a little ~sneak peek~ ‘cos I know you want to see the after first!!


{*please note, these photos were edited to reflect the true fabric colours, but as others of you are experiencing blogger is making all the photos darker....*}

Some time ago a friend asked me if I would sew her something from a vintage dress she had kept from her grandma. She wanted something that would be a keepsake, but more useful than a dress.

Being a lover of all things vintage I was excited to see the dress, and it did not disappoint.

{I remembered to snap a quick photo.}


They sure knew how to put a dress together back in the day, it was so well made with tucks and pleats and pretty covered buttons. I almost want to call it a frock, it just seems to suit it better than dress!

just look at the details…



Sewing dresses is fidd-il-y stuff, so hats off to the seamstresses who create such beautiful garments!

The fabric is so pretty too!
 Bold flowers and embossed stitching.


Well it was a little challenging to work with, with all the tucks and seams and pretty details there wasn’t a large piece of fabric available.

The largest piece I could salvage was a 12x16” panel for a pillow cover.


I used a smaller piece to make a lavender pillow~


~and popped an offcut into an embroidery hoop.


I couldn’t bear to part with even the scraps and since I love raggy bunting so much, I made her a little mini bunting with the scraps.


My friend loved it and there’s still a large piece of grandma’s dress left for another project one day!
I put off making that first cut for a long time, what if I wrecked the dress?? Yikes!! 

But working with vintage fabric you truly end up with something unique, all the more special when it has a special memory attached like this dress did.




Creations By Cindy said...

I love how you took an heirloom and yet made it into even more of an heirloom! The pillows turned out so pretty and I love the bunting! Love it all. BUT WOW, you had a beautiful piece to work with too didn't you? Have a great weekend. Cindy

Vintage Home said...

SO many things to say WONDERFUL about this! Love the Fabric and beautiful job on the pieces you made!
What a wonderful way to preserve a heirloom and have a forever piece of nostalgia!

Mountainbound said...

What a lovely way to honor your Grandmother! You really did justice to that gorgeous fabric with your beautiful creations!!! SO creative!

Lisa said...

Now this is a unique idea and post. What lovely creations!

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