Wednesday, April 13, 2011

~etsy sellers tip~

okay peeps, this one took me a while, most of you probably had it figured out already

when you sell an item in your store, and you want to list the identical item again
 (which is an awesome feature etsy added)

there are two options

~relist item~


well, i was always hitting ~relist item~

but here's the problem, it shows up with as many views as it had prior to selling

don't know about you, but when I relist I like a fresh, blank slate

so hit ~copy~ instead

you have to hit "next" a couple times and then "finish", but you get a listing that looks brand new

and i think it keeps the store looking fresher and updated

any thoughts??

courtesy of the graphics fairy



Victoria said...

To be honest, as a self professed Etsy buying addict, I don't pay any attention to the views! I do pay attention to how many times it's been favorited tho, because if it's a OOAK item and tons of people have faved it I want to jump on it faster!

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