Thursday, August 4, 2011

~paper and pen kinda gal~

~i am a list gal~

there, I've said it

and that means a "paper and pen list kind of gal"

i know, i  know, i can do all that on my techie devices

but there is something inately satisfying to me in taking a pen and scratching things off my paper list

just the way i am:-)

~it helps me to feel like i'm on top of things

and to remember things i don't want to forget~

i always have a pad of paper and pen next to my bed

for on-going and daily lists

and those "just before you fall asleep" moments...

and then I have my notebook with all my etsy measurements and sketches and ideas of things i still want to make

yes, it's also stuffed with scraps of paper....
you just never know when inspiration stikes!

i won't even get into the notebooks i carry in my purse...

this summer i have three main lists going in my home :
~ my to-do list with projects like painting and sewing and fluffing for my home

~ the "things we'd like to do this summer" list

~and then there's the have-to-do list with yucky, but necessary things like filing paperwork, sorting mountains of kids school stuff, supervising cleaning out kids bedrooms etc.

i am trying, really trying to tackle the have-to-do list first, i figure once it's done i get to play for the rest of the summer, yay!!

but to be honest we've had so little summer this year that when the sun does come out, we're out playing too:-)



i'm working on finishing up these chairs
{a year later...}

and painting this bench

and my ol' rocking chair

maybe sew some dropcloth pillows

and hang this

now, where was i again?

better get back to those lists.........

anyone else identify with my need to make lists??



a happy little life said...

I read your post and I laughed out loud... I looked next to my laptop... I SWEAR to you, I have 4 list making books each for diffrent types of list. I also am apparently a list making girl too!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

That sounds oh so familiar!! I write lists out, cross off things and then rewrite the list and seem to end up with even more stuff to do than when I first started!!

Edins House said...

I try really really hard to be a list girl... I start my lists then lose them, or I start my lists and then I ignore them. It's list sacrilege I tell you! :-/ I do keep an inspiration pad in my purse though. Soooo important for those random thoughts!! Those thoughts just never make it to lists ;-)

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