Monday, September 26, 2011

~fabulous fieldstone~

well the fieldstone vintage market was just as fab as we'd hoped

we were blessed with a balmy summer's day once the fog burned off
and the collection of vendors were awesome, WISH i had had time to shop!!!

i didn't have a chance to get around and take photos of the other booths, but there are lots of photos posted by other vendors and visitors at the market

i just have some of my booth to share with you....

{try and ignore the writing on the tent, unfortunately there weren't enough white tents for us all}

a large chalkboard at the entrance, i meant to get back there and write something a little more inspiring, oh well, you know how it is! i loved the petticoat hanging there, it was part of my "decor" but i did sell it to a gal who wanted it real bad!

in the back corner you can see the rusty old screen i set up and i draped a loooong swag across the corner too

other than that i kept it pretty simple

lots of vintage goodies

rusty old birdcage on my paris bench, cast iron bathtub feet

the vintage wooden rolling pins were a hit! i had so many they just had to go...

i stencilled "paris" onto this chair, it looked really neat
it was painted with ASCP old white

had a lot of fun with my stencils actually....

kiddie chairs and rockers were a big hit

cute wicker picnic hamper

sold lots of frames and chalkboards

repurposed glass bottles au paris
love them
hey, did i even keep one for myself??
gonna have to check my boxes!

blue mason jars were a hot seller, kept my own collection of them safe at home!

pillows weren't such a hot seller this market, but they looked neat in my booth, loving the french grainsack look, the striped one at the back I hand-painted, maybe I'll have to put a tutorial together, such an easy way to get the french grainsack look

i used ruffled bedskirts on the tables
~thanks, i thought it was pretty genius too~

and how cute are these film reels hanging in the corner

finally i wanted to show you my awesome banner that sweet Janis of rust and ruffles put together for me in a crunch

 isn't it gorgeous!!

well hope you liked the tour of my booth! i sure was happy to come home without any of the furniture i hauled out there! this was the first time i have done an outdoor market, it was a huge job and the morning fog was challenging as we tried to keep everything dry. if i do anything on this scale again, i definitely will take a partner along to share the load and so i can go SHOP!!

thanks to all the fantastic shoppers and bloggers who came out to visit the market
hope you had a fun weekend!


Unknown said...

Beautiful post, it was lovely hanging out with you and watching you sell, sell, sell!!!

The Lovely in Life said...

Beautiful post, it was lovely hanging out with you and watching you sell, sell, sell!!!

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Your booth looked fantastic! Hope you made some moolah!

Jil Sonia McDonald - Reflections Interior Designs said...

...and now that Paris storage box is sitting beside me in my office. I just love it Tracey!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

LOVE your shop! I would have snatched up quite a bit! Not sure if those pillows were the towels I sent but it was really fun to see them and think they were! They look awesome! I can't believe they didn't get snatched up. I love, love, love your stencils, they are adorable. I wish I could shop there!


kevi said...

Looks beautiful! I'm just sorry I never had a chance to shop at your booth!

Vintage Home said...

Hey Tracey Ayton Photography really did a great blog about the Market...oh wow pictures of your stuff!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

T, so nice to have a chat with you Saturday! Hey, I'm looking forward to hanging out in the valley to photograph with you!!


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