Friday, December 14, 2012

~little christmas vintage car~

hello friends, thanks for hanging in there with me!
November was market mania month and now we are right on into Christmas….

I wanted to show you one of my favourite little vignettes this Christmas.


I have had my eyes out for a long time for a vintage truck, red or green or white, to use at Christmas. Haven’t found one yet {let me know if you find one for me!}

But I did come across this vintage car from the 50s, and well, it is green and white and has red taillights. That works!


The plan was to tie this tree on top of the car, as if we were on the way home from the tree farm, but it just didn’t work with this car! The tree just would not stay on top of the car.
 Which is kinda what our tree looked like last weekend by the time we got home, hanging off the back of the van!


So I added a vintage shiny brite and created a little tree farm vignette instead. 
Yes, that is my chippy aqua door you see in the background, love it so much I decided just to incorporate it into the Christmas decor this season!


Sometimes the little vignettes are the most fun to play around with!

 Hope your Christmas plans are going well, I’m off to finish some shopping and decorating, then hi-ho, it’s on to the gingerbread menSmile


PS. posting snapshots over at instagram @ raggygirlvintage and my fb page


WhiteWhispers2u said...

That is adorable! ~Cheers Kim

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Love this!!!!!!! Nice to hear from you also, hopefully the markets were a success.

Okio B Designs said...

Really cute idea!


Sarah said...

I love it, SO cute!

Amy Kinser said...

That little car is awesome! What a sweet vignette.

Finding Home said...

Oh my gosh, that car is adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing, Laura

Lady Pamela said...

I am also looking for a vintage toy vehicle. Preferably white. They seem to be quite rare.
Hope your Christmas was a blessed one.

Vintage Home said...

Well that is just the sweetest picture! Vintage toy cars are the best!
Thinking of you over the holidays.
Happy New Year.

Laura Lynn said...

I love the little vignette and the car!

Vintage Home said...

thought I might have missed something over here! Thinking of you!

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