Tuesday, November 15, 2011

~pinterest passion and a little luggage inspiration~

Okay, I confess, I'm addicted to Pinterest! I was "invited" to sign up a while back, but didn't activate my account until the summer; somehow I just knew how it would be:-) I lose myself in all these gorgeous images and time just flies away. Honestly it does. So now Pinterest is my sweet "reward" time, when I have a few carefree minutes to dream away!

So how do you explain what it is about Pinterest that is so captivating? For those of us who like to create and repurpose and stage and just enjoy beauty in even simple objects, it is pure bliss to lose yourself in this feast of visual images.

Plus it is an awesome way to organise your inspiration photos in a way that makes them easy to find at a future date.

I currently have relatively few boards, for two reasons. One, this is my carefree time, I don't want to feel the pressure to have all my interest boards up pronto, I pin to them when I want to; they are a work in progress. And two, there are so many images out there I try to narrow it down to photos that I really really love, they have to have great subject matter and still be awesome photos.

Many of you will know just what I'm talking about! If you have not yet taken the Pinterest leap email me for an invite, and be prepared for time to fly by!

So here's some vintage luggage inspiration via pinterest, swoon!

gorgeous outdoors vignette, love those lacy ruffles in the corner

awesome storage

this is how I use mine, stacked up in the hallway, wish I had that many, my stack is just 5 cases high!!

this is on my to-do list, paint a suitcase that's not in great shape

so romantic...

party time, use them for height and interest on a table setting

whimsical and totally unique

is there a Dr in the house??

a few of my favorite things...vintage luggage, galvanised flower bucket, glass cloche, gorgeous lilacs

Hope you enjoyed my round up of vintage luggage! How do you use your vintage luggage? Do you store things in your cases?

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all images via pinterest


Blondie's Journal said...

I haven't checked out Pinterest as of yet...am I the only person in the world??! I know it would really eat up my time, but sooner or later I'll do it. I think you are right working on your boards slowly.

The images of the suitcases are awesome, each one! I have so little room in my home, I wish I had been collecting them, but finding room is always the problem!

Hope you have a lovely day! :-)


Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Welcome to the club! I love pinteresting almost more than blogging. I find that it takes a lot less time. I pin like a mad woman! lol

Creations By Cindy said...

I agree with Tammy! Love me Pinterest! I adore the suitcases!!!!!!!! I have looked for some at yard sales and thrift stores latley but have not come accross any!

Vintage Home said...

HI Tracey ...
Thanks for dropping by!
I love pinterest but am not that good @ it!
Other than looking I don't have my boards going!
Love those suitcases and the stacking one is my favorite!
WE have fabric in most of ours! Which gets me thikning I should be sewing ! Looking forward to the Fieldstone Market ! See you soon!

Monica Roberts said...

I'm a goner ... pinterest has taken me prisoner and there's no one around to commute my sentence. How does one manage to go from zero to 53 boards in a matter of minutes ... well a couple of days at most. Think I'm already courting rehab, or the like. Eeeeekkk ... HELP!

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