Monday, May 31, 2010

burlap sack ruffled runner

just can't get enough of burlap and ruffles...

this is my farmhouse kitchen runner I just finished up...

yummy layers of cherries and green gingham....

topped with white anglaise lace....

I have it pictured here on a tall side table I have...

but it would be perfect for the kitchen table, bench, porch...

happy days,

may magazine mania!

May has been magazine month for me, I don't usually buy many maggies, but this was bumper month and several were gifts...

these are my two favs that I do subscribe to:

somerset life -  soooo inspiring and creative I read it cover to cover

country living - love the practical and affordable ideas

here are some of the other maggie treats I had this month:

artful blogging - oh my, what a visual feast, and the common thread : how each blogger felt finally understood and accepted within the blogging community, and encouraged to pursue their dreams and creativity...sound familiar:-)

cottage style - so yummy, walked by this lots of times before finally giving in to the temptation:-)

100 ideas flea market style - loved every single page in this one, totally worth picking up a copy if you see it

romantic homes

and finally a trio of house and home maggies, a little contemporary for my style, but always a couple of ideas...

wow, I didn't realise I had quite that many!!

so blogging friends, which magazines are your favorite reads??

and do you keep them?

pull out idea pages?

pass them on?

I'd love to know! Now I'd better make a cup of rooibos and get reading (I wish, on a Monday morning....!!)

happy days,

Friday, May 28, 2010

in the pink

happy weekend...

a gift from my sweet 16

happy days,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

isn't she sweet...

isn't she sweet...

I was taking photos for my etsy store, and realised she really is too sweet to part with

and this is an old print, just look at the back!

so I think I'll keep her for a while and see how that works out

welcome sweet girl!

I'm linking to Show and Tell Friday

happy days,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

white roses and yummy gifts

had a fun long weekend....Monday was a holiday here up north

gorgeous white roses for my birthday (Mr Keeper : "knew you'd like them 'cos they're white!")...

kinda yellow now they're opening up

got to finish up a bunch of projects...

like this cute wicker mirror for my sweet 16

sold a couple things on etsy....

like this shabby mini mailbox

and these vintage baking pans

went out for our favorite steak dinner with Mr Keeper...

browsed around a book store

decided to forgo coffee and buy a magazine...

well, two actually (would have been cheaper to have coffee!) - loving them both

had a venti Starbucks ('cos they got my order wrong!)

went walking along the river AND the sun came out!

was spoilt by family and friends, here are some of my lovely gifts

a hummingbird feeder...

this chunky necklace, which I loooove

cute block candle...

and this lovely sparkly candleholder my Mom brought me back from England

yup, it was a fun weekend, even if the boys did end it with a water balloon fight!!

I'm linking to Kathleen's White Wednesday

happy days,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

shabby rose pitchers

firstly, thank you to all my sweet blogging friends for their advice on my mirror dilemma

i've made my decision and will reveal once it's on the wall (we bought the wrong hardware!)

so, did I choose gold or white??

you'll have to wait and see.....

today i wanted to show you these cute galvanised pitchers I've given a makeover

they were pretty unremarkable looking before (sorry, why am I so bad at taking "before" pictures - I'm always in such a hurry to dive in and start the project - I know some of you girls are with me there!)

found the big one first, painted it heirloom white, quite a few coats on top of primer to get it looking nice

couldn't believe it when I came across a similar mini version, so gave this one a good painting too

printed off this charming graphic from Karen at the Graphics Fairy (such a treat to see what she has for us each day!)

modge-podged it to the pitcher (loooove modge podge)

with a teensy version for the mini pitcher, front and back so they look good from any angle!

see what a nice scrolled handle it has

and here we have my set of shabby rose pitchers!

wouldn't they look sweet in the bathroom, or on a covered porch filled with flowers, or even in the kitchen

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happy days,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

mirror, mirror on the wall....

okay blogging friends, I need your advice!

I picked up this large mirror to hang in my living room, in this b-i-g space over the fireplace's a seriously big space, this is a huge mirror and it's still a big space!

it wasn't really a bargain by thirft store standards, but it's what I've been looking for and was still half the price of a new mirror

...and as my birthday is coming up I just told everyone I already had my gift picked out, perfect!

but I can't decide, do I leave it gold, or paint it white??

my living room has more of a taupe palette with touches of white

When I look at it I like it's classic and classy...

then I go online and see white mirrors and I like those more!

see how the white paint shows up the detailing

ahh, the dilemma....

....I think I know which way I'm leaning

Mr Keeper is going to hang it for me this weekend, so I've got to get it all cleaned up and ready (see the sticker label and fingerprints...)

so, what do you think, leave it gold or paint it white??

happy days,

Monday, May 17, 2010

personalised mini journals

hi bloggers!

another of my favorite things to make are personalised journals. i like to use smallish journals with blank pages

here's the journal I made for Janis of Junkdreams, she was sweet enough to blog about it here

Janis loves everything french, so I went with a vintagey french theme and lots of bling

don't forget the back...

tucked a tag inside with a message

and whipped up a lacy burlap bag to gift it in...

remember girls, packaging is everything, who doesn't like to receive a pretty package

this one I made for my mom for a recent trip to visit her sister

I made this one super girly and pink for my sweet mom, with ribbons and lace and tulle...

vintage buttons, rhinestones, a handmade flower

and tucked in a tiny key to unlock her adventures!

kept the back simple and blingy

isn't it pretty!

what I love about journals this size, is you can take them along in your purse - jot down ideas, tuck in ticket stubs, photos, fabric or paper scraps

good idea don't you think? Though I love to write and enjoy the idea of journalling, it never happens in my reality, but so often I see a great idea or scrap of something, which can be added to a mini journal...

and it doesn't have to be perfect, just like us!

and in it's own way it tells a story of who we really are...

Lady Pamela blogged about her version of her art journal here

I'm linking up to these wonderful parties:

happy days,

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