Saturday, August 28, 2010

"printemps à Paris"

told you i had some yellow going on!!

came across this gorgeous vintage linen with big yellow roses and how could I resist

you've seen my "bonjour birdie" post

here's my "printemps à Paris" (springtime in Paris) vintage stamped ribbon

i love how it turned out!

little touch of bling

check out my special on handstamped vintage ribbon here

happy days,

Friday, August 27, 2010

Buy 3, get 1 free vintage french ribbon special!!

a sweet deal my blogging friends

you get to pick any four of my hand stamped vintage french ribbons, and you only pay for three

all for just $15 (plus you'll save on shipping)

use the ribbon in your home decor...

around a hurricane candle

tie it around a pitcher

or a pile of old books

use it to wrap a gift

or you can give it away - each length of ribbon comes in it's own cello bag with organza ribbon

Sissie even used it on her fall wreath here

so if you'd like some vintage stamped ribbon hop on over to my raggygirl etsy store link over on the sidebar!

happy weekend,

"bonjour birdie"

got a bit of a birdcage thing going on...

just can't resist them

in all shapes and sizes

and of course they all get a good touch of the white spray paint

 used a white gloss on these, yes i surprise myself being a strictly matte gal

gotta say, some things just look better with gloss
(eek, did I really say that...)

these were all thrift/garage sale finds

i love how easy it is to incorporate these smaller birdcages into home decor

here's one of my little white birdies in a cage - yup, still haven't got my bird's nest, it's still summer you know, mamma shopping has to wait....

of course I couldn't stop at just birdcages...

so I stamped up some "bonjour birdie" vintage ribbon

I know, it is sooo cute!!

here's a birdcage all dressed up in "bonjour birdie"

and these are the two birdcages that currently reside in my front hallway

the smaller one is actually a little candle holder

i'm not really a yellow gal, but I see quite a bit of yellow going on here!

can never resist sunflowers, I honestly think they are the most cheerful flower ever, they just make me want to smile :-)

hope this makes you smile too!

linking up here

happy days,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

stamp of approval

wow, doesn't it make you feel so good when folks like your stuff!

thanks to Lesley at Yates updates for including my burlap and cherry ruffles runner in her Friday faves selection. You can see all her favorite etsy picks here

and sweet Sissie at Sissie's Shabby Cottage used my "not-your-grandma's" french hand stamped vintage ribbon in her fall vignette and gave me a shout out here.
Visit Sissie's blog, you'll be glad you did, she is incredibly talented and industrious and she has been such an encourager in my blogging journey thusfar

thanks ladies, you make me feel like a bona-fida blogger!!

happy days,

Monday, August 23, 2010

white wood and blue mason jars...

what do you get when you put gorgeous blue mason jars

together with cheery sunflowers
(fast climbing the ranks among my favs)

and pop them in a white flower box
(thrift find with a coat of fresh white paint)

= a stunning flower box
(at least I think so!)

here it is in it's every day spot, on our kitchen table, hub of our home
(yes, we like to eat!)

such a bright and cheery welcome!

i would love to find a lower profile box to show off the jars a little better, but this will do for now!

Linking up to these wonderful parties here - check them out
and SNS mason jars over at Funky Junk Interiors

happy days,

Sunday, August 8, 2010

have you ever made a fabric yarn ball?

it's soooo easy.....

i'm sorry, i don't have photos of the process, but basically you take a polystyrene ball
(whatever size you want your yarn ball to be, i used medium and large balls; the small ones i cheated and bought, too fiddly!!)

tear long narrowish strips of cottons ( i used checks and stars mostly for this batch - you can mix fabrics too)

i made these when i was in my primitive phase, i think it would be super fun to make more now i'm back to my shabby vintage roots!

how about a pile of white shabby fabric balls - or vintage florals, hmmm.....

anyways, i the start of your fabric strip into the ball with a pin

then just keep winding tightly around the ball changing direction from time to time to make sure the ball is covered(secure the end with a pin again)

pile them up in a basket with an old wooden spool or knitting needles

voila! fabric yarn balls!!

I'm linking up at these parties - be sure to stop by and check out the talent!



i bid on this treasure at a local thrift store auction

and mine was the winning bid!

it is a wonderful old shoe-shine box with all the original polishing goodies

look how worn it is

here's the top with a boot strip (?) where you would rest your shoe
(I have no idea why blogger keeps rotating my photos - anyone have a solution??)

i gave it to my dad - he honestly spent longer digging through and sniffing all the polishes than on any of his "real" gifts! (that's where I get my treasure-hunting genes...)

linking up to Today's Thrifty Treasures at Southern Hospitality

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