Monday, August 22, 2011

~grandpa's chair~

i found this old, old chair at a garage sale, it had belonged to the seller's grandpa

i tried to convince her to keep it, really i did

{drat, can't find the before photo}

anyway, it was a very old, solid wood chair, and very heavy!

i couldn't decide whether to keep it natural or paint...

but the peeling varnish had me a little concerned

so paint it was

lightly sanded off the loose varnish, and gave it just one coat of old white chalk paint

the brown of the varnish kinda seeped through as the paint dried, but that's okay, makes it look more authentic

gave it a light sanding here and there and finished with a layer of clear wax

love how the seat is molded from years of use!
{you can see the brown from the varnish seeping through on the seat}

then I had to play around a little of course

white roses from my garden in a favorite white pitcher

{these roses smell divine}

~and a little more ~

that is a child's vintage nightgown laying on the chair


Thursday, August 18, 2011

~vintage scale, yellow china and brown farm eggs~

some of my very favorite vintage things...

old metal scale

real chippy patina

well used dial

my favorite vintage yellow china bowl

even love it's little chip!

full of brown farm eggs

just love these items that tell a story from the past

have a fab weekend,

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~bear in my backyard - seriously~

today was CRAZY with a capital C

there was a big black bear in my backyard

that's right, in my little backyard

and this is suburbia peeps, small fenced backyards, trampolines, lots of kids

the province
in my neighbour's yard

there was a loud banging on my front door mid-morning

a neighbour told me to get my kids inside and close the doors, there was a bear in the neighbour's yard

~a bear~


the door to my backyard was standing wide open.....

i rushed upstairs with the kids just in time to see the bear reach up and effortlessly hop over the fence into our very own backyard

with horror I realised the big window on our deck was still wide open

rushed down to close it and there was the bear, just feet away, paws up on our BBQ, licking and sniffing

~what a beautiful animal~

CBC news

i wish i could tell you there was a happy ending

sadly the bear was shot when it exited onto the street

here's what really got to me:

everyone rushed to get a look at the dead bear

my daughter and I were bawling that such a beautiful creature had been shot, and everyone just wanted to see the dead bear

what is with that?

it was a busy couple hours in our street after that, with police and media and fire trucks

and here's what i have to wonder?

where were the conservation people that were on their way?
could this bear have been saved? darted and relocated?
why do people hang out on the street when there's a wild bear on the loose?
why do the media report this bear as "rogue" and "aggressive" - I know he is a wild animal and potentially dangerous in a suburban setting, but from what i saw of him he was placidly going from yard to yard, not looking for trouble...

so not such a quiet day in my little piece of suburbia
~i'm still a little heartsore and just thought i'd share my day with you~


Monday, August 15, 2011

~burlap and ruffles runners for sale~

had your eye on a burlap runner?

with yummy white ruffles

i've just listed several handmade one-of-a-kind runners in my


it's free US shipping on all my burlap runners this week!

~here's a peek~

if you're interested in purchasing a runner click on the title of the one you like to go to my etsy store, or you can click on the etsy link in my sidebar:-)


Thursday, August 11, 2011

~be still my beating heart~

~you know how it is~

sometimes you walk away empty-handed

other times you find


i spied this little beauty hiding away

i literally held my breath, then my heart started beating a little faster...

~know the feeling?~

yup, sturdy

and ~chippy~

and coming home with me!

it's the sweetest little child's chair, i'm just going to wipe it down and seal that chippy paint with a clear sealer

ever tried that?

i also picked up this sweet set of 1940's minature books

tied them up with a piece of jute

and then of course i had to play around

~just a little~

 and a little bit more:-)

I've been looking at a lot of photos recently

and i am drawn to simple, clear photos

with limited subject matter and not too much clutter

does your heart beat a little faster when you spy those treasures?

linking up to Feathered Nest Friday


~french linen stool and other cool stuff~

have you heard of Wuslu?

if you love french country with an industrial edge then you're going to want to check them out

they have a new online deal each day and i have loved most of their items

haven't actually bought anything yet.....

this is today's deal, a french linen stool with a french graphic printed on it:

~pretty cute~

i missed out on this awesome deal
piles of feedsacks...

these industrial light fixtures were pretty cool too:

there are still a few of these burlap noticeboards available:

shipping is a standard $5 per item

visit the Wuslu site to sign up for their daily deals
(I don't gain anything out of this, just like their stuff!)


Monday, August 8, 2011

~sweet webbing pillow~

~i always love feedback from my customers~

one of my customers sent me a photo of how she used this natural feedsack style pillow in her decor

i made it up in a 12x16" size for her

~doesn't it look great on her paisley upholstery~

 the jute webbing goes well with just about any decor


 it looks fabulous paired with ticking too

here's another photo posted by a customer with my french chanticleer pillow

great work gals!

and finally i thought i'd show you the blue ticking pillows i made up in standard pillow size for a sweet customer

~big shabby ruffley ruffles~

sewing is so much fun!

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