Thursday, March 28, 2013

~Vintage bottles, jars and flowers ~ easy floral display~

Hello friends,

Don’t you just love all the inspiration we glean from each other?

I first saw this idea over on a beach cottage blog (awesome blog if you don’t already follow) and knew with my endless supply of glass bottles I just had to try it!


I used freesias, probably not the best choice for this project, but they sure smelled good! 

Any flowers will do really.


All I did was pick out a bunch of random glass jars and bottles in a variety of sizes and stick blooms in them, then dumped arranged them in my big wooden crate tray in the living room.

 I loved it so much I found myself slipping in there just to sit and stare for a few minutes.

 Yes, I am very visual!!


Of course I had to throw an aqua mason jar into the mix!


So if you’re looking for a



*effective floral display or centrepiece

…give it a try!

So looking forward to doing this outside once it is warm enough.

Thank you for all your kind comments and emails about my previous post, I treasure each one of you and I have been touched by your kindness!

One thing I know peeps, for many of us our blog is our happy place, a place we come to forget the challenges of daily life, a place we protect. It is that for me too. But let's not forget that behind each smile is a circumstance, and let's continue to offer kindness to our fellow bloggers.


PS. Next week I'll be sharing my raggy bunting how-to


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

~a mother’s heart and aqua palette~

Hello friends,


It’s good to be back! 

2013 has been a little rocky for the raggygirlvintage household.

 In January my daughter became very ill and her health deteriorated at an alarming rate. Long story short she has been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease.

 It has been a slow and rocky path to recovery. Thankfully the past two weeks her health has stabilised somewhat, and we are feeling some degree of normality again. 

We are still figuring out how to manage this long term, but as I posted on fb recently, an uneventful day is a good day right now! 

Here’s a photo of our sweet girl, this is one of her grad shots this year.


As any of you who have had a critically ill child will know, it is hard on a mother’s heart. 
So hard. 

I am so thankful for the friends and family who have supported us through this time, and our church community who have stood with us in prayer. 

I can tell you this journey has been all about choices, choosing to trust God in desperate situations. Sometimes I have failed miserably, but I like to think that the roots of my faith are that much deeper having walked through this time. 
Faith is really in the walking peeps.

I want you to know that you also have been an encouragement to me. 
When my world was in crisis and each day was focused on surviving and getting through, it was just so awesome to pop on your blogs/fb and see beautiful creativity still happening. 

The world was still turning. 

I was blown away by how it seemed every time I opened my instagram feed there was a scripture or word of encouragement that spoke right to my heart, and mostly from gals I have never even met.

God is in the small stuff, peeps, He really is!

So, I hope that wasn’t too heavy, but I wanted you to know why my blog has been silent for a whileSmile


Now let’s move on to some fun stuff shall we!!
 The last few days have felt like spring up north here in Canada, blue skies, sunshine, such a treat! 
I have to admit, I started thinking spring even before it brightened up, and as I’m still in love with the aqua, beachy palette I’ve been changing things up a little in my living room.


For starters I switched my old barnwood door around so it’s back to it’s aqua side. 

How do you like the mini bunting I have up there, so fun and easy to make!
 I love the look of mini bunting like this draped over a door or mirror.


I change this little table up a lot!

 I love the white hydrangeas against the aqua, they sure are springy!


I also pulled out a couple of nests and popped them here and there. 

Tucked on the mantle…


…on my chippy ol’ chair


I do still have my basket of birch wood beside the fireplace and cosy throws around as I know we’ll have plenty more rain yet, but I love the lighter, brighter elements.
 Our fireplace is gas (shhh), but I love the look of birch! 
Plus I paid an arm and a leg for the stuff!


I did a copycat floral arrangement which I’ll share on Thursday, it was so effective, I also want to show you my raggy bunting which I am now totally addicted to making! 

If you want a sneak peek you can pop over to my fb page here or follow me on instagram @raggygirlvintage

Well, it’s good to be back! I have missed blogging soooo much! Look forward to hearing how you are changing things up for spring!


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