Wednesday, December 22, 2010

~run, run Mr Gingerbreadman~

every year i say this is the last time i am making gingerbreadmen

and then my kids beg and plead, and plead and beg

.....and i give in

just to maintain that image of the good mamma baking gingerbreadmen in her cutie-patootie apron with a big smile and perfect hair


you know what, i love to bake
but just for the record


oh no, just look at this dough

hard to roll, all crumbly
(OK, i confess it was in the fridge 4 days instead of 4 hours, but hey, it's kinda busy round here you know!)

i huff and puff and roll and scrunch it back together and think not very christmasy thoughts

so there you have it, my very last batch of gingerbreadmen EVER

no, please don't send me your flopproof recipe and tips

i am done, finito, gingerbreadman-outed

.....well, at least until next year !!



Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

If you substituted sugar cookie for gingerbread many I could put my name on this post. :)

You win mom of the year!

Petite Michelle Louise said...

made me laugh outloud! I have the SAME aversion to making them myself guessed it..make them EVERY year despite the cursing all the while!


Christmas is all about the kids. Way to go MOM. HUGS MARY

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, you are so funny! I made gingerbread once and have never looked back! lol!

{I think you did a good job though!}


Amy Kinser said...

Funny and sweet! Hope they tasted good!

lynneandco said...

Yeah, just wait til your kids discover the gingerbread men cut outs that are missing an arm, a leg or a head....they look like someone took a bite out of them. This year my daughter decided to decorate them to look like they had been attacked by zombies....just a little red frosting to go with the white. She had wayyy too much fun and the giggling was infectious!

Rosie said...

Oh Tracey,
I feel your 21 year old(YOUNG) daughter announced yesterday that she wants to decorate a gingerbread house...and it should NOT be out of a box!!! HELLOOOOO? She has no concept of how difficult it is to get all those pieces to stay the shape they are supposed to off to Walmart, to get a box version...(with a few...OK, A LOT more candies for embelishment)
Well my dear girl,enjoy each and EVERY moment of this BLESSED Christmas season...Thank you for all the love you sprinkled in my world all year long...Hugs...Rosie

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

One year I bought gingerbread dough in a tub from the supermarket. It was delicious! I hate baking so I take short cuts whenever I can!
Have a very merry Christmas!!

A Fanciful Life said...

Hi Tracey,
I loved this post - it brought back memories of making pepparkakor (Swedish for gingerbread) cookies when I was a child. My Swedish mom and I made them and worked so hard to keep the dough together as we got to the end before the last ones crumbled!

Happy holidays!

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