Monday, May 31, 2010

may magazine mania!

May has been magazine month for me, I don't usually buy many maggies, but this was bumper month and several were gifts...

these are my two favs that I do subscribe to:

somerset life -  soooo inspiring and creative I read it cover to cover

country living - love the practical and affordable ideas

here are some of the other maggie treats I had this month:

artful blogging - oh my, what a visual feast, and the common thread : how each blogger felt finally understood and accepted within the blogging community, and encouraged to pursue their dreams and creativity...sound familiar:-)

cottage style - so yummy, walked by this lots of times before finally giving in to the temptation:-)

100 ideas flea market style - loved every single page in this one, totally worth picking up a copy if you see it

romantic homes

and finally a trio of house and home maggies, a little contemporary for my style, but always a couple of ideas...

wow, I didn't realise I had quite that many!!

so blogging friends, which magazines are your favorite reads??

and do you keep them?

pull out idea pages?

pass them on?

I'd love to know! Now I'd better make a cup of rooibos and get reading (I wish, on a Monday morning....!!)

happy days,


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

oh don't we all love these mags.. I can imagine all of us, grab a copy and sit at the corner and chill out with a tall glass of pink lemonade! Awesome! teehee.. :D

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