Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Today my youngest stayed home from school, so I thought to myself, hmmm, a day at home, I can work on a lot of projects. Why do I always think that! Anyway, did get the house cleaned up and a couple new things listed on etsy, that's what I have to show for today! But then what greater project is there really than taking care of my family:-)

Here are a couple of the favorites I listed today on etsy:

A gorgeous cream wedgewood bowl. Just love the two handles. Wouldn't it look great filled with flowers. I'm thinking centrepiece. Easter eggs. Flowers. Chicks. Lace.

One of my very favorite finds, these two vintage roses on metal leaf bases. They have delicate pink and white petals. So romantic and victorian looking. The mirror in the background is one of my projects-in-waiting, I'll show you soon, promise! I am so in love with that mirror, I can't tell you!

A dainty victorian style dresser jar and lid. The glaze has a faint crackle in it giving it that aged patina. No cotton ball ever found a classier home!

A heavy ironstone serving bowl, with intricate "castle" patterning on the inside. Love the great condition this ironstone is in. And yes, another project-in-waiting in the background....

Don't you just love gazing on beautiful things!

Happy days!


Miss Gracie's House said...

Hi Tracey,
The days go by so fast, huh? Just listing on etsy takes awhile...thanks for coming by my place!

raggygirlvintage said...

My pleasure Rene, I really enjoy your blog! I got to do lots of painting and playing this evening, so feeling a little more productive now! Will post some photos soon:-)

junkdreams said...

Hi Tracey,
You find the BESTEST stuff!!!! BIG NEWS!!!!!!...THERE IS A NEW SALVATION ARMY ON 96TH AVE BY THE TIM HORTONS!!!! I was hyperventilating when I drove by it with Matthew and you can bet we turned the car right around and ran in!!!!! It just opened this week!!!
Can't wait to see your painting projects!

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