Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today was girls day out for Rachel (my sweet 16 daughter) and I. We headed south for the day, we live in Canada 20 minutes north of the border, so Bellingham is a favourite destination. It was a wet and blustery day, but hey, we live in the northwest, that won't stop us:-)

Just love all the farmlands we drive through on the way down, we saw snow geese, canadian geese, bald eagles, seagulls, ducks, so beautiful...

...and rustic...

...and peaceful...

First stop at Joanns where I found what I was looking for, for a future project (wait and see...)

Nothing like this sight to make my heart skip a beat! Did a quick sweep as my sweet sixteen does not yet appreciate the fine art of junking. Found a couple of things...

A cute basket which I think will look gorgeous painted white and planted up for the summer, look out for it in a future post (just waiting for summer).

These lovelies were on for half-price, just adore the shape of the vase, I have to go out and buy flowers tomorrow! The other jar is nice and heavy and will likely end up in my make-shift "studio", can never have too many vessels to hold all the bitties.

Bath and Body Works to stock up on our favourite hand soap.

On to Target where we found these cute retro-looking string lights (can you tell I'm thinking summer already!) They will look great strung up outside on our back deck.

Couldn't resist these super cute napkins, don't you love the red bicycle. Come on summer!

And of course no shopping trip is complete (for me at least) without stocking up on chocolate supplies!! Love how cute these marshmallow bunnies are!

The stash, wonder if they will still be around come Easter??

Final stop at Edaleen's Dairy for the best ice-cream ever (to bring home for the boys) and milkshakes for the girls (chocolate of course!)

Signing off with their paper bag...

Till next time, happy days!



Sari said...

Fantastic blog, I will enjoy reading every update.

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