Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well this is my very first blog! I've had so much fun visiting all your wonderful blogs I just had to join in! Today it's cold and wet again here on the west coast, but we've had blissful spring weather the past week so I wanted to share some of my early spring gardening with you, the hope of things to come!

I love my old sap bucket! I planted a bunch of spring bulbs and stuck in my old trowel just 'cos I thought it looked good!

On my front porch, a cheery welcome with cherry blossoms. Happy spring!


junkdreams said...

Oh how exciting......congrats on the new blog Tracey. Your pictures look gorgeous and I adore your header---lots of my favorite things!!!! I will do a post on my blog later this week to introduce you and your blog and bring some traffic your way.
How happy I am to find a new junking friend that is so close by!!

raggygirlvintage said...

Thanks Janis, we'll have lots of fun ahead, I just know it!

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